Bending the Knee for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Since the early 1960s, universities have sought to achieve racial equality. Initiatives have ranged from offering extra tutoring for struggling minority students to making them more comfortable on campus by providing segregated housing and black-only graduation ceremonies. Unfortunately, nothing has worked. Now, after over a half century of trying everything imaginable and sparing no expense, … Continue reading “Bending the Knee for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity”

Letter to the Editor: Diversity statements have already diminished the academy

To the editor: Prof. Jenkins is way too optimistic. He tells us, “The result of this practice [the Thought Police ensuring Ideological Purity in our Institutions of Higher Education] over time will be to further diminish the academy.”Over time? The time is now…was yesterday…or maybe 20 years ago.And the Academy IS diminished, a shade, a … Continue reading “Letter to the Editor: Diversity statements have already diminished the academy”

Model Legislation: End Political Litmus Tests in Education Act

The “End Political Litmus Tests in Education Act” can help preserve academic freedom and freedom of speech and conscience at public schools, colleges, and universities. Traditionally, faculty candidates at public universities have been evaluated based on four documents: a cover letter, their curriculum vitae, research statement, and teaching statement. Now, a fifth document is being … Continue reading “Model Legislation: End Political Litmus Tests in Education Act”

The Toxic Absurdity of “Diversity Statements”    

As if landing a college teaching position wasn’t already difficult enough, the powers-that-be have placed another obstacle in job-seekers’ path: the so-called “Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” better known as the “diversity statement” or “DEI statement.” Many (most?) institutions now require such a document as part of the application packet along with the traditional … Continue reading “The Toxic Absurdity of “Diversity Statements”    “

UNC System Adopting Political Litmus Tests for Employment and Attendance

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of articles. Part I can be found here and Part II is here. As was shown in the first article in this series, “diversity, equity, and inclusion” is a misleading term, indicating a radical political agenda rather than a set of ethical principles. The second article analyzed … Continue reading “UNC System Adopting Political Litmus Tests for Employment and Attendance”

Speaking Out Against Censorship in Academia

As academia becomes ever-more entrenched in groupthink, it can be intimidating to be a lone voice that refuses to toe the ideological line. And for good reason: failure to at least appear to agree with the ideological consensus on campus can result in a number of professional—and personal—consequences. But those potential consequences haven’t deterred one … Continue reading “Speaking Out Against Censorship in Academia”

What We Would Like to See in the New Year

It’s been a remarkable year for higher education. We ranked the most important events of 2018 in last week’s article. But now it’s time to look ahead. Here is what members of the Martin Center staff would like to see happen in academia in 2019.   Jenna A. Robinson, President More States Adopting Due Process … Continue reading “What We Would Like to See in the New Year”

From Diverse Professors to Professors of Diversity

Ever since Justice Powell’s lone opinion in Bakke allowed the camel’s nose of “diversity” under the anti-discrimination tent, controversy has raged over preferential treatment awarded to college applicants of certain races. Just as hurricanes often change direction after landfall, the diversity movement has recently taken off in some surprising new directions that deserve public attention. … Continue reading “From Diverse Professors to Professors of Diversity”

Loyalty Oaths Return with Faculty “Diversity Statements”

One of the worst features of America in the 1940s and 50s was the persistent demand for national loyalty oaths. In those days, people were expected to declare their support for the U.S. and if they didn’t, they could be blackballed, expelled, or otherwise punished. The ideological fervor for conformity abated for decades, but has … Continue reading “Loyalty Oaths Return with Faculty “Diversity Statements””