Why Johnny Can’t Relax

Alarming rates of depression and anxiety in college students are drawing headlines. A recent study reports that 41% of college students show symptoms of depression, and nearly three-fourths have experienced “overwhelming anxiety.” Whatever one thinks of statistics like these (and I question them), college students have reason to be fearful and sad because they’re surrounded … Continue reading “Why Johnny Can’t Relax”

When Universities Don’t Step Up, Good Professors Are Forced to Step Down

With “cancel culture” running rampant on social media, in politics, and in the classroom, professors who put forth the effort to help students think critically and challenge their beliefs are needed more than ever. Over the last 15 years at Central Michigan University, journalism professor Timothy Boudreau championed those practices in his classroom, to the … Continue reading “When Universities Don’t Step Up, Good Professors Are Forced to Step Down”

The Backlash to Critical Race Theory Is on The Way

Michelle Goldberg complains in the pages of The New York Times about how it is the left wing that is currently a victim of cancel culture—thanks to the right, which is trying to destroy “critical race theory.” Sounding alarm at the global counter-movement, she writes that Critical race theory, the intellectual tradition undergirding concepts like white privilege … Continue reading “The Backlash to Critical Race Theory Is on The Way”

Wilhelm Marstrand-Don Quixote and Sancho Panza at a crossroad

Tilting at the Windmills of ‘Inequity’

The fight for “equity” in higher education is a story-driven project. As the Annie E. Casey Foundation explains, “To illuminate racism, we need to ‘name it, frame it and explain it.’” This process is essential because “a common language creates a narrative that makes it easier to communicate the commitment to racial equity…and creates a … Continue reading “Tilting at the Windmills of ‘Inequity’”

Curiosity Is Important, But Colleges Are Suppressing It

No one needs curiosity more than the young, but our educational system is doing its best to suppress it. The kids are being bored out of their minds. Of course, that’s nothing new in our K-12 schools. As older Americans recall the time they spent in classrooms, they’ll also remember how they were bored, and … Continue reading “Curiosity Is Important, But Colleges Are Suppressing It”

Campus Cancel Culture–Pernicious and Widespread

“I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” While Voltaire apparently did not say exactly that (the phrase seems to have come from a biographer), it is still a perfect description of the mindset of a rational human. Of course people will disagree, but … Continue reading “Campus Cancel Culture–Pernicious and Widespread”

Exposing Critical Race Training in Higher Education

The Legal Insurrection Foundation, of which I am the president, has launched a website, criticalrace.org, to provide resources to parents and students regarding Critical Race Training in higher education. The main feature of the website is a database of how Critical Race Theory is put into action on campuses, presented in the form of an … Continue reading “Exposing Critical Race Training in Higher Education”