Why Johnny Can’t Relax

Alarming rates of depression and anxiety in college students are drawing headlines. A recent study reports that 41% of college students show symptoms of depression, and nearly three-fourths have experienced “overwhelming anxiety.” Whatever one thinks of statistics like these (and I question them), college students have reason to be fearful and sad because they’re surrounded … Continue reading “Why Johnny Can’t Relax”

Let’s Rethink the Mental Health “Crisis”

The Surgeon General warned of a “mental-health crisis” among young people, adding urgency to long-standing concerns. Campuses are rushing to address these issues, but their efforts may do more harm than good because they’re rooted in the disease model of mental health. The disease model sees painful emotions as evidence of a disorder. It presumes … Continue reading “Let’s Rethink the Mental Health “Crisis””

Cheaters Never Prosper—Or Do They?

Students can survive by cheating unless their professors enforce academic integrity standards. We presume such enforcement exists, but my personal experience suggests otherwise. Let’s be honest: professors face unpleasant consequences if they resist cheating, but no consequences if they look the other way. Professors respond to their incentive structure like other living beings. I was … Continue reading “Cheaters Never Prosper—Or Do They?”