Did You Know? COVID-19 Budget Cuts Hit Students and Profs, Not Admins

It only took a global pandemic to force public and private universities to cut their spending. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that about 650,000 jobs were cut in the higher ed sector—a 14 percent decline. An analysis from The Chronicle of Higher Education on the budgets of about 100 top colleges pegged their losses … Continue reading “Did You Know? COVID-19 Budget Cuts Hit Students and Profs, Not Admins”

Financial Warning Signs at NC Colleges Expose Existing Problems

Amid COVID-19, nearly every college—whether a community college or a four-year institution—is facing an unusually tight budget this year. As the economy takes a hard hit, key sources of higher education funding, such as donor grants and government aid, are likely to be affected. But for many institutions, the most crucial sources of funding are … Continue reading “Financial Warning Signs at NC Colleges Expose Existing Problems”

Idaho’s Higher Education Earthquake?

Higher education reform will only come from the outside, probably from political reform. Or so we thought. Along came the coronavirus, also an outside force, that is upsetting the status quo in higher education. State universities are now preparing to cut budgets in the face of inevitable funding reductions from states and drops in student … Continue reading “Idaho’s Higher Education Earthquake?”

Higher Education Will Never Be the Same—And That’s Not All Bad

The coronavirus, combined with the public and private reactions to it, has affected every aspect of Americans’ lives, including the ways they learn. From pre-K to graduate seminars, many classes are moving online for the duration of the pandemic and perhaps beyond. That may spur pedagogical reforms that will lead to the creation of more … Continue reading “Higher Education Will Never Be the Same—And That’s Not All Bad”

There’s a silver lining in Scott Walker’s proposed $300M cut to the University of Wisconsin

Walker’s proposal would make every member of the UW system a public authority—a designation that would allow the state’s universities to take bureaucratic control of their own operations. This would effectively wash away the state’s control over major decisions such as tuition rates, hiring and firing practices, employee compensation, purchasing goods and materials, and construction projects.

Losing Trust in Higher Education

College leaders and professors who appear more interested in themselves than in education are doing great harm.