Diary of a Mad Emerita

During the years I taught college English, I had a ringside seat watching a new breed of Jacobins seize control of a university English department, then extend their reach throughout the humanities. Posing as the champions of “social justice,” they have built an empire cultivating “victims”—and silencing colleagues who oppose the new mission of the … Continue reading “Diary of a Mad Emerita”

States Must Go Beyond Affirmative Action Bans to Stop Discriminatory Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on College Campuses

The Supreme Court may ban affirmative action, but even if it does, many race, sex, and ideology-conscious “diversity” policies and programs will still remain on college campuses. Regardless of the Court’s decision, state legislators have an important role to play in striking down discriminatory practices in public higher education. Idaho is emblematic of how a … Continue reading “States Must Go Beyond Affirmative Action Bans to Stop Discriminatory Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on College Campuses”

Motte-and-Bailey: The Academic Threat from ‘Lived Experience’

A few years ago, my friend Sheila recounted an incident of alleged racism she experienced at a café in California. While waiting in line to order a coffee, a barista took the order of an older white woman first. The barista didn’t refuse service to Sheila and was polite when she finally took her order. … Continue reading “Motte-and-Bailey: The Academic Threat from ‘Lived Experience’”

Feminist College Funders and the Problem of Donor Intent

Suppose you’re a donor interested in steering a college in a more sensible direction with your grants. Many questions will arise with the restrictions you put on your aid. Can you give money to a college and have any sort of say in what professors teach—or are you restricting academic freedom with your donations? Do … Continue reading “Feminist College Funders and the Problem of Donor Intent”

Leaving the Blight of Higher Education: Part I–Farewell, Students

Editor’s note: This is the first of a two-part series. In May of 2020, my wife and I took our retirement after more than 30 years of teaching college, the last 20 years of which we spent at what I will call Upstate Consolation University, a mid-tier state college somewhere in the Northeast. My wife … Continue reading “Leaving the Blight of Higher Education: Part I–Farewell, Students”

Campus Feminism: The Real War on Women

At a time when the majority of American college students are female—currently 57 percent of all students—higher education’s conversation surrounding women’s rights is largely dominated by modern feminist ideology. Roughly 63 percent of female students identify as feminists, and while no similar statistic is available for female faculty or staff members, most likely an even … Continue reading “Campus Feminism: The Real War on Women”

From College Indoctrination to Corporate Intolerance

A day after an internal email by a Google employee was leaked to the press, a combination of ideological intolerance and scientific illiteracy led Google to fire James Damore for “perpetuating gender stereotypes.” On the day he was fired, Quillette.com published several brief essays by academics on the science of sex differences, mostly vindicating his … Continue reading “From College Indoctrination to Corporate Intolerance”

Silliness washing over Duke in Fall 2003

So far this semester folks at Duke University have been so awash in concerns over racism, sexism, and homophobia, that Duke has risked appearing like a parody of the “politically correct” university.

Why it’s so hard to get a sound general education from UNC schools

Under today’s assumptions, it isn’t enough to teach history. History incorporates things outside the aegis. But “Third World History” and “African American History” (which address racism), “History of Women in America” (which addresses sexism), and “Lesbians in History” (which addresses homophobia) will do.

Study: Women’s studies texts full of deliberate factual errors, ideological bias

The Independent Women’s Forum has released a major review of textbooks used in college Women’s Studies departments. The review, authored by senior fellow Chistine Stolba, challenges the “propaganda, not scholarship,” being put forth by women’s studies textbooks.