“Latinx” Is Failed Academic Activism

The academic intelligentsia’s obsession with the term “Latinx” is confusing yet enduring. Although roughly 40 percent of Latino voters find the term, meant as a non-gendered alternative to the masculine “Latino” and the feminine “Latina,” to be offensive, it is part of the everyday lexicon of academics and education journalists. On a purely linguistic level, … Continue reading ““Latinx” Is Failed Academic Activism”

Institutionalizing Systemic Antiracism Racism

The educational bureaucracies from the state level down to local school boards, including community college boards of trustees, are rushing to implement administrative regulations and board policies, as well as approve curricular changes, that will normalize antiracist and gender identity politics in our education systems for years and perhaps generations to come. The sudden rush … Continue reading “Institutionalizing Systemic Antiracism Racism”

Who Is Responsible for the Loss of Faith in Science?

In an essay in the liberal UK broadsheet The Guardian, multiple authors chart out the most important task for the incoming Biden administration: to “restore the faith in science.” “Joe Biden’s most important promise to the American people was a policy platform taken for granted prior the Trump presidency: believe science,” the article suggests, adding … Continue reading “Who Is Responsible for the Loss of Faith in Science?”

‘Latin-What?’ Why UNC Should Abandon the Term ‘Latinx’

By now, most people who’ve attended a wealthy college—or those who tuned into the Democratic presidential debates—have likely heard or seen the word “Latinx.” The anglicized Spanish term is the latest attempt of gender activists to impose their perverse ideology on the rest of the culture—and on Spanish speakers in particular. What is so significant … Continue reading “‘Latin-What?’ Why UNC Should Abandon the Term ‘Latinx’”