No, the NC Legislature Hasn’t “Harmed” Public Universities

On February 6, the Raleigh News & Observer asked whether the North Carolina legislature has “done enough to actually damage the University of North Carolina System’s traditionally stellar quality during a decade of Republican control?” In a series of articles, it laid out its case that the answer is yes. But the evidence presented, especially … Continue reading “No, the NC Legislature Hasn’t “Harmed” Public Universities”

Why Liberal Arts Colleges Are Failing and How to Revive Them

The loss of public trust in universities that has risen to front page news did not suddenly emerge in 2020. In 2018 the non-partisan Gallup organization found that, for the first time, less than half of Americans have “a lot of confidence” in higher education. Even more pointedly, Gallup reported that “No other institution has … Continue reading “Why Liberal Arts Colleges Are Failing and How to Revive Them”

The High Cost of Campus Parking

When students pay tuition, they also pay a mix of mandatory and optional fees. One constant headache for students has been paying for a parking permit to leave their car on campus. In the University of North Carolina system, parking prices can vary greatly. Parking passes for schools such as North Carolina State University and … Continue reading “The High Cost of Campus Parking”

A bold experiment is being watched by North Carolina’s private colleges

The Benedictine monks who founded Belmont Abbey College 138 years ago are better known for peacefulness than for trend-setting. But the Gaston County campus is the scene of a bold experiment watched by other private liberal-arts colleges in North Carolina.