Vague Campus Rules Undermine Students’ Due Process and Free Speech Rights

Several years ago, the La Voz de Aztlan, a radical left-wing supplement to Fresno State University’s student newspaper, published a poem steeped in anti-American sentiment. It referred to America as … Continue reading “Vague Campus Rules Undermine Students’ Due Process and Free Speech Rights”

The Great California Accreditation War

Accreditation is like the pancreas: not very interesting, but a source of serious problems if it malfunctions. The pancreas of higher education just said “ouch.” An accrediting agency, licensed by the federal government to keep colleges in good order, just got a (temporarily suspended) death sentence.

Indoctrinate Me Not

A new report shows that campus politicization must be stopped for the once-great University of California system to thrive.

A New Funding Idea (Sort of)

A University of California student group advocates funding the system with student payments after they graduate.

When Racial Preferences Fell at UC

A one-sided book treats California’s experience after Prop. 209 as a disaster, while citing figures that show it was not.

Connerly says it is time for America to be colorblind when it comes to race

RALEIGH – As a member of the University of California Board of Regents, Ward Connerly experienced pressure to increase diversity on the campuses of the university system. After a 12-year term that ended in 2005, he still doesn’t know what the system was seeking.

“There was a lot of mindless blather about celebrating diversity,” Connerly said about his period on the board. “When I left, I didn’t know more about diversity. I asked a lot of questions. I could never get an answer that made sense to me.”

Connerly was the keynote speaker at the recent Pope Center Conference on “Diversity: How Much and What Kinds Do Universities Need?” held in Raleigh at the Brownstone Inn. As a regent, Connerly successfully fought for the elimination of race-based admission practices at the University of California. He also led a successful statewide campaign in 1996 to adopt Proposition 209, which prevented the state government from giving preferential treatment based on race. Today he is supporting a similar initiative in Michigan.