Gov. Cooper’s Race-Preferences Brief is Inherently Discriminatory

On August 1st, Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina submitted an amicus brief siding with the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in its attempt to use race as a factor in university admissions. The amicus brief comes at a time when the future of affirmative action is being litigated in the Supreme Court. A group … Continue reading “Gov. Cooper’s Race-Preferences Brief is Inherently Discriminatory”

The Long Decline of the University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania was an excellent school when I was an undergraduate there in the mid-1960s. The politics were polyglot, reflecting an era when the professional classes and even the professoriate were more ideologically diverse than is the case today. Campus activism of earlier in the decade surrounding civil rights marches had faded and … Continue reading “The Long Decline of the University of Pennsylvania”

End Legacy Admissions

There was a time when the number of “legacy admits” at colleges was low enough overall that the practice was tolerated. But with elite schools now under immense pressure to diversify their student bodies, enrolling underachieving applicants largely because they are family of alumni is criticized by some as an unfair practice that perpetuates inequity in admissions. … Continue reading “End Legacy Admissions”

Education Book Discussion featuring Kenny Xu

On Thursday, October 7th, join the Martin Center as we welcome author and Asian-American activist Kenny Xu for a virtual talk entitled “Asian-Americans and Meritocracy: Why They Succeed, and Why the Woke Can’t Stand Them.” Xu’s presentation is the first in the Martin Center’s bi-monthly series of talks with authors of books about higher education. … Continue reading “Education Book Discussion featuring Kenny Xu”

Letter to the Editor: Are we perpetuating the model minority myth?

To the editor: Regarding Asian debunk CRT… I feel this is perpetrating the model minority myth…. also leaving out the huge wealth gap documented that Asian Americans have in America. Yes there are more Asians in ivy league schools but less of them in business leadership positions than their white counter parts . Also with … Continue reading “Letter to the Editor: Are we perpetuating the model minority myth?”