Letter to the Editor: Are we perpetuating the model minority myth?

To the editor:

Regarding Asian debunk CRT…

I feel this is perpetrating the model minority myth….
also leaving out the huge wealth gap documented that Asian Americans have in America. Yes there are more Asians in ivy league schools but less of them in business leadership positions than their white counter parts .

Also with the Asian hate crimes that happen this year due to propaganda with COVID-19?

Is this not a reflection of history repeating its self on how America treated Asian Americans?
When the women within Atlanta were killed and then hyper sexualized instead of humanized in their description? This is going to further the talking points that everything is ‘ok’ and Asian Americans are not worth supporting because they are supposedly doing fine . When they are part of the poorest demographics especially non-east Asians

Can we not learn from this within CRT?

Why are we perpetuating the model minority myth?

Hadijat ML
Fairfax, Virginia