Education Book Discussion featuring Kenny Xu

On Thursday, October 7th, join the Martin Center as we welcome author and Asian-American activist Kenny Xu for a virtual talk entitled “Asian-Americans and Meritocracy: Why They Succeed, and Why the Woke Can’t Stand Them.” Xu’s presentation is the first in the Martin Center’s bi-monthly series of talks with authors of books about higher education. … Continue reading “Education Book Discussion featuring Kenny Xu”

Letter to the Editor: Are we perpetuating the model minority myth?

To the editor: Regarding Asian debunk CRT… I feel this is perpetrating the model minority myth…. also leaving out the huge wealth gap documented that Asian Americans have in America. Yes there are more Asians in ivy league schools but less of them in business leadership positions than their white counter parts . Also with … Continue reading “Letter to the Editor: Are we perpetuating the model minority myth?”

Federal Bill May Bolster Campus Free Speech, But Will it Go Anywhere?

In recent years, American universities have come under fire for frequent mistreatment of speech on their campuses. Often, this mistreatment is a result of restrictive or ill-defined speech codes—policies that stifle any speech that would otherwise be protected in general society. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has found in their annual speech … Continue reading “Federal Bill May Bolster Campus Free Speech, But Will it Go Anywhere?”

Asian Americans Debunk Critical Race Theory

Over the past several months, critical race theory (CRT) has become one of the most divisive topics in higher education and in America’s political dialogue. Mainstream liberals have framed the issue as simply a matter of teaching accurate history. In their eyes, teaching CRT in the classroom is equivalent to teaching that slavery existed, Black … Continue reading “Asian Americans Debunk Critical Race Theory”

The Fight over Critical Race Theory in Education: A Fight for Our National Survival

Editor’s note: The following article was originally published at Legal Insurrection on August 8, 2021. On July 29, 2021, I gave a presentation on “Fighting Smart Against Critical Race Theory In Education” to over 100 state legislators at the American Legislative Exchange Council annual meeting in Salt Lake City. The invitation to speak grew out of the publicity generated … Continue reading “The Fight over Critical Race Theory in Education: A Fight for Our National Survival”

Progressivism Surges Through America’s Law Schools

Law schools in the U.S. used to be run by no-nonsense individuals who, whatever their personal politics, thought that their institutions existed to teach students about the law, not to engage in advocacy or speculation. That began to change in the 1980s, as some younger law professors started to push into previously forbidden terrain, introducing … Continue reading “Progressivism Surges Through America’s Law Schools”

Academic Freedom Doesn’t Shield Universities From Oversight

State legislatures are taking up higher education reform. Sometimes higher education reform consists of attempts to regulate what happens on college campuses, such as laws that prohibit universities from requiring students to believe the tenets of critical race theory. Sometimes, as occurred recently in Idaho, state legislatures cut budgets or impose tuition freezes on universities taken … Continue reading “Academic Freedom Doesn’t Shield Universities From Oversight”

Did You Know? State Laws Against Critical Race Theory

Florida is now one of several states that have legislated against teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the classroom.  In a new move to tackle CRT in campuses and promote viewpoint diversity, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed three new education bills. The bills, House bills numbers 5 and 233, and Senate bill number 1108, seek … Continue reading “Did You Know? State Laws Against Critical Race Theory”

Sensitivity by Proxy

It is hard to fathom the extent to which American colleges and universities have been taken over by Critical Theory, race-based or not. One good indication is that French and Canadian leaders are warning their citizens about the dangers of importing these ideas from the U.S. In an October speech about the dangers of further … Continue reading “Sensitivity by Proxy”

Letter to the Editor: Eradicating microaggressions will not eliminate racism

To the editor: I appreciated George Leef’s article,  and the law journal article by Cantu and Jussim that it reviewed. I recently learned, for example, that whites apparently have a higher threshold for recognizing racism than minorities. “The American Psychological Association found in a national survey that Whites experience less race-based discrimination than people of … Continue reading “Letter to the Editor: Eradicating microaggressions will not eliminate racism”