Free speech legislation needs to include consequences for violations

To the editor: In “What Should We Do About Critical Race Theory?”, the author talks about Mississippi legislation that promotes “diversity of ideas” on campuses. North Carolina legislature already tried one of these “free speech on campus” laws to promote the “diversity of ideas,” but did not include consequences.  So universities (the untouchable institutions) have … Continue reading “Free speech legislation needs to include consequences for violations”

What Should We Do About Critical Race Theory?

Critical race theory (CRT) maintains that the United States is founded on racial supremacy and oppression. The US Constitution, legal system, and institutions, according to critical race theorists, are inherently racist. Unequal outcomes, they suggest, are a reflection of systemic racism. America’s material achievement and economic growth, critical race theorists argue, has only been achieved … Continue reading “What Should We Do About Critical Race Theory?”

UNC Schools Indoctrinate Future Teachers

White fragility. Equitable math. The invisible knapsack. These critical theory terms and practices are now common in North Carolina’s public K-12 schools. And Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson has collected many more examples with his Fairness and Accountability in the Classroom for Teachers and Students (F.A.C.T.S.) Task Force. But North Carolina’s public schools didn’t “go woke” … Continue reading “UNC Schools Indoctrinate Future Teachers”

UVA and the New “McCarthyism”–An Insider’s Perspective

UVA and the New “McCarthyism” –An Insider’s Perspective, a new report by Joel Gardner discusses increasing politicization, censorship, and institutional bias at the University of Virginia. Despite recently adopting its own set of free expression principles, the University has exhibited a free speech double standard and imposed mandatory affirmation of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” among … Continue reading “UVA and the New “McCarthyism”–An Insider’s Perspective”

Meet a Rhetoric Professor Who Favors Empowerment and Opposes CRT

America’s colleges and universities are loaded with professors who insist on teaching students various theories that amount to nothing but fringe opinions and who don’t engage intellectually with those who disagree, but merely try to “cancel” them. There are, however, still some professors who won’t play those games. One of them is Erec Smith, who … Continue reading “Meet a Rhetoric Professor Who Favors Empowerment and Opposes CRT”

Chipping Away at Critical Theory’s Dominance of Higher Ed

I was recently invited to visit the second National Conservative Conference in Orlando, the first in-person conference of this movement, since its birth in 2019. I had the opportunity to hear a talk by conservative activist Christopher Rufo about the policies of counterrevolution against critical theory in the country’s institutions, including its colleges and universities. … Continue reading “Chipping Away at Critical Theory’s Dominance of Higher Ed”

Why Is the AAUP Investigating UNC?

On September 29, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) announced that it is investigating what it calls “egregious violations of principles of academic governance and persistent structural racism in the University of North Carolina System.” To do so, it has launched a special committee and will release its findings in early 2022. According to … Continue reading “Why Is the AAUP Investigating UNC?”

Education Book Discussion featuring Kenny Xu

On Thursday, October 7th, join the Martin Center as we welcome author and Asian-American activist Kenny Xu for a virtual talk entitled “Asian-Americans and Meritocracy: Why They Succeed, and Why the Woke Can’t Stand Them.” Xu’s presentation is the first in the Martin Center’s bi-monthly series of talks with authors of books about higher education. … Continue reading “Education Book Discussion featuring Kenny Xu”

Arizona State University and Offerings at the Temple of the Woke

The hiring of a critical race theorist to teach music is yet another offering from academics at the temple of the woke. Little good it will do students or individuals and communities interested in rejecting racial prejudice. In July, Arizona State University officials hired a music professor to train K-12 music teachers, emphasizing that the … Continue reading “Arizona State University and Offerings at the Temple of the Woke”

Letter to the Editor: Are we perpetuating the model minority myth?

To the editor: Regarding Asian debunk CRT… I feel this is perpetrating the model minority myth…. also leaving out the huge wealth gap documented that Asian Americans have in America. Yes there are more Asians in ivy league schools but less of them in business leadership positions than their white counter parts . Also with … Continue reading “Letter to the Editor: Are we perpetuating the model minority myth?”