Letter to the Editor: The dangers of a fundamentalist mindset

To the editor:

As per Morson & Schapiro, there is, evidently Good Fundamentalism (which soothes their own kicky blankets) and Bad Fundamentalism (which roils them).

Unsurprisingly they find the Bad to be Very Very Bad and the Good (as in, or so we would presume, Diversity, CRT, Inclusivity, Racial Equity, and Social Justice) to be Tremendous.

They are absolutely right, of course, as they enumerate the closed-mind dangers of a fundamentalist mind set.  It makes of Education, Inculcation: Acolytes at the Temple, listening to the drone of the High Culture Priests (reading from the Book of Progressive Truths).

No need to question, simply echo:  Climate Change is an Existential Threat (the voice of HAL:  “This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it, Dave.”)…  America is Systemically Racist…  the only way to end discrimination on the basis of race is to double-down discriminate on the basis of race (thank-you Cardinal Kendi!)…  in order to guarantee that a Victim Class has the same Constitutional Rights as everyone else, we must pass new laws giving them more rights than anyone else.  And on and on.

As per NWU’s “Leadership Notes”, penned by Schapiro and the V-P of Diversity & Inclusion, et al:  “We remain grateful to the faculty, staff and students who continue to advance the work of social justice, inclusion and anti-racism at Northwestern every day.”

UhHuh.  Walks like Fundamentalism, Quacks like Fundamentalism, Swims & Lays those Fundamentalist eggs:  time to Wake-Up the Woke, Northwestern — that IS Fundamentalism.  As Mephistopheles to Faust:  nor are you out of it.

Kansas City