General Education at NC State

General education is meant to build a well-rounded person by specifying required courses outside a student’s major. NC State offers 714 courses from which students can choose. The Pope Center’s report recommends a drastic reduction in the number of choices, greater rigor in the courses allowed, and a second writing course.

Some of the current General Education courses that the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy highlights are:

  • BIO 233   Human-Animal Interactions
  • ENG 377  Fantasy
  • HI 412     The Sexes and Society in Early Modern Europe
  • HON 341  Time Travel
  • PB 219     Plants in Folklore, Myth, and Religion
  • USC 100   Transition into a Diverse Community

In 2013, Schalin co-authored with Jenna Ashley Robinson a similar report on UNC-Chapel Hill.

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