The High Cost of Campus Parking

When students pay tuition, they also pay a mix of mandatory and optional fees. One constant headache for students has been paying for a parking permit to leave their car on campus. In the University of North Carolina system, parking prices can vary greatly. Parking passes for schools such as North Carolina State University and … Continue reading “The High Cost of Campus Parking”

Why Do UNC Schools Spend Money on Diversity Training That Doesn’t Work?

Higher ed leaders love committees and training sessions. The technocratic mind that rules campus sees a problem and usually decides that the solution is more resources and education. Once the money is spent and the trainings, workshops, and seminars are completed, then the problem is solved. Since the death of George Floyd, colleges have issued … Continue reading “Why Do UNC Schools Spend Money on Diversity Training That Doesn’t Work?”

Is Early College Paying Off?

“Early college” is an increasingly popular program that allows students to earn college credit in high school. Among the advantages it offers to high school students is the ability to earn transferable college credits or a career-focused credential before they graduate. It also gives them a foretaste of what to expect in college and helps … Continue reading “Is Early College Paying Off?”

Common Reading Programs: Political Fluff for Freshmen

Many colleges assign “common readings” to incoming students as an intellectual experience outside the classroom to set the bar for the academic rigor that professors expect of students. This tradition is most students’ first taste of the university. This well-meaning tradition, however, has become highly politicized and the quality of reading has significantly decreased over … Continue reading “Common Reading Programs: Political Fluff for Freshmen”