Another “Millennial” Campus in the Works

CHAPEL HILL – Approval of a proposed “millennial” campus at UNC-Wilmington will be on the agenda of the Board of Governors this week.

Board members, meeting in Chapel Hill June 7 and 8, will discuss UNC-Wilmington’s plans to create the Campus for Research, Entrepreneurship, Service and Teaching (CREST), a 210-acre campus at the university.

Legislature amends Umstead Act

RALEIGH – Earlier this session, legislators passed a law that would make it easier for the University of North Carolina to compete with small businesses in college communities. The bill, HB 1539, which sets forth the changes to the Umstead Act, was opposed by several business leaders including several in Orange County.

The bill was unanimously passed by members of both the House and Senate. The Umstead Act is a 76-year-old provision that prohibits unfair state-supported competition with private companies.