No, the NC Legislature Hasn’t “Harmed” Public Universities

On February 6, the Raleigh News & Observer asked whether the North Carolina legislature has “done enough to actually damage the University of North Carolina System’s traditionally stellar quality during … Continue reading “No, the NC Legislature Hasn’t “Harmed” Public Universities”

Learn the ins & outs of pursuing “culturally correct” funding

A rising senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, recently won a scholarship worth up to $20,000 to study Tajik and Russian languages in the Asian nation of Tajikistan. Since that scholarship obliges him to work in national security upon graduation, UNC-CH’s Prof. Charles Kurzman is worried about what kind of “dirty deeds” he might be up to.

Widespread Opposition to Broad’s Plan, Little Talk of Spending Priorities

UNC President Molly Broad’s latest proposal to win money for the University of North Carolina garnered opposition from some unlikely opponents last week, with those generally supportive of Broad’s quests offering perhaps the harshest criticism. Even strong opponents, however, remain stalwart in their demands that the legislature provide more money for N.C. universities.

High Salary Increases Lead To Other Problems at Community Colleges

Even as many North Carolina colleges and universities are asking for more money to raise faculty salaries, several community colleges say they need less money for faculty pay, but more money for other “needs.”