Letter to the Editor: Conflicts of interest in university governance

To the editor:

“A Chancellor Search Tainted with Suspicion and Shrouded in Secrecy” is a great example of political corruption in higher education—as viewed from the outside.  Politically connected players have always used their advantages to leverage even more benefits when they can get away with it. No wonder this looks like corruption to faculty and the public.

The solution to ending this particular revolving door is simply to ban—permanently—those from “serving” on higher-level governance boards from taking jobs at the schools they oversee. “Service” is not meant to accrue benefits to those “serving,” and this incident taints the integrity of the Board of Governors.

Conflicts of interest of this kind need to be prevented by UNC BOG. The board needs to look in the mirror and do the right thing.

Glen McGhee, FHEAP
Lynn Haven, Florida