Did You Know? Covid-19 in Spring 2022

As the Omicron variant spreads throughout the United States, university campuses are modifying their mode of instructions and their COVID guidelines for the spring 2022 semester. UNC Charlotte commenced the spring semester with all classes–both undergraduate and graduate–delivered online until January 24. Similarly, Duke went virtual for all classes until January 18. UNC-Chapel Hill, on … Continue reading “Did You Know? Covid-19 in Spring 2022”

The Pandemic May Be Ending, But Student Anxiety Isn’t

Students have had to make many sacrifices over the past year, be they financial, academic, or personal. The sudden changes and conflicting campus policies have taken a significant toll on their well-being and mental health. After a lifetime of in-class learning alongside their peers, colleges pushed them off-campus and into de facto isolation via Zoom. … Continue reading “The Pandemic May Be Ending, But Student Anxiety Isn’t”

Letter to the Editor: The “new normal” of learning

To the editor: In the midst of a global health crisis, suffering, fear and anxiety are to be expected. This should not surprise anyone. In fact, these have always been part of life. The anticipation of one’s mortality at different times—especially now—is unavoidable. Megan Zogby’s latest “Did You Know? Students Still Struggling with Mental Health?” … Continue reading “Letter to the Editor: The “new normal” of learning”

Reforming Higher Ed in 2021

The year 2020 brought changes that colleges would have never made by choice. Enrollment declines, remote classes, and dramatic employee cuts (for faculty and some staff alike) were unthinkable a year ago. But, for the sake of the future, more work remains. Below are some priorities the Martin Center staff would like to see catch … Continue reading “Reforming Higher Ed in 2021”