“Latinx” Is Failed Academic Activism

The academic intelligentsia’s obsession with the term “Latinx” is confusing yet enduring. Although roughly 40 percent of Latino voters find the term, meant as a non-gendered alternative to the masculine “Latino” and the feminine “Latina,” to be offensive, it is part of the everyday lexicon of academics and education journalists. On a purely linguistic level, … Continue reading ““Latinx” Is Failed Academic Activism”

Sensitivity by Proxy

It is hard to fathom the extent to which American colleges and universities have been taken over by Critical Theory, race-based or not. One good indication is that French and Canadian leaders are warning their citizens about the dangers of importing these ideas from the U.S. In an October speech about the dangers of further … Continue reading “Sensitivity by Proxy”

‘Latin-What?’ Why UNC Should Abandon the Term ‘Latinx’

By now, most people who’ve attended a wealthy college—or those who tuned into the Democratic presidential debates—have likely heard or seen the word “Latinx.” The anglicized Spanish term is the latest attempt of gender activists to impose their perverse ideology on the rest of the culture—and on Spanish speakers in particular. What is so significant … Continue reading “‘Latin-What?’ Why UNC Should Abandon the Term ‘Latinx’”