Universities and Meritocracy

We take it for granted that people are free to use their abilities as they choose, and as a result, society as a whole benefits from their work and innovations. Progress depends on this. Today our lives are vastly better than those of our distant ancestors because individuals were free to try new ideas. For … Continue reading “Universities and Meritocracy”

The Rot of the Prestigious Colleges

Parents will go to all sorts of lengths to give their children a leg up. In Guilty Admissions: The Bribes, Favors, and Phonies Behind the College Cheating Scandal, journalist Nicole LaPorte digs into how and why parents decided to work with the “college counselor” Rick Singer. LaPorte describes Singer’s strategies to place students in highly … Continue reading “The Rot of the Prestigious Colleges”

Did You Know? Higher Ed Admissions Scandal Comes to Netflix

Netflix’s documentary Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal tells the story of rich parents bribing their children’s way into their college of choice. While the story has been reported since 2019, the documentary shed light on some new information. Altogether, over 50 people were indicted for racketeering, mail fraud, and other charges. While many … Continue reading “Did You Know? Higher Ed Admissions Scandal Comes to Netflix”

Defending Higher Education

Higher ed gets a lot of criticism from supporters and reformers alike. Sometimes it’s necessary, though, to look at its benefits and note the strengths of colleges. Steven Brint, distinguished professor of sociology and public policy at the University of California, Riverside, has given the public a reminder of why so many students value a … Continue reading “Defending Higher Education”