Higher Education Moment: The “Student-Athlete” Problem

Martin Center president Jenna Robinson discusses the many issues plaguing collegiate athletics and student athletes today.

A Higher Education Moment: College Credential Inflation

A Higher Education Moment: Why the Great Books Still Matter

In this HEM, Shannon Watkins examines the decline of the Western Civilization’s Great Books in higher education, debunks some misconceptions surrounding their use, and explains why studying them is beneficial for college students today.

Interview with Robert Shibley: Defending Freedoms on Campus

In this interview, Shannon Watkins sits down with Robert Shibley, the executive director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) to talk about the ways in which various freedoms are restricted on college campuses today.

Should We Stop Saying “Vocational Training”?

In this Higher Education Moment video, Shannon Watkins discusses a Wall Street Journal article written by U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx entitled “Stop Calling It Vocational Training.”

Interview with Maggie Horzempa: Conservatism at UNC-Chapel Hill

In this interview, Shannon Watkins sits down with Martin Center intern Maggie Horzempa to talk about her experience as the chairwoman of the College Republicans at UNC-Chapel Hill.




A Higher Education Moment: Freedom of Assembly and Student Fees

In this Higher Education Moment, Chris West discusses how the impartial distribution of student fees to student groups is important in protecting students’ right to freedom of assembly.

Interview with Joseph Warta: Student Rights on Campus

The Martin Center’s Policy Fellow Chris West sits down with former intern Joseph Warta to discuss the results of a survey about how conservative and libertarian students are treated on campus.

A Higher Education Moment: It’s Time to Take Concussions Seriously

In this episode of “A Higher Education Moment,” Shannon Watkins discusses the dangerous head injuries that many college athletes face.

Interview With Allen Mendenhall: English, Law, and “Ordered Liberty”

In this interview, Shannon Watkins talks with Allen Mendenhall, an associate dean at Faulkner University and executive director of the Blackstone and Burke Center for Law & Liberty.

Watkins and Mendenhall discuss intellectual diversity, the connections between English departments and law, and the meaning of “ordered liberty.”

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