Interview with WGU North Carolina’s Chancellor: Dr. Ben Coulter

WGU North Carolina’s Chancellor, Dr. Ben Coulter, Ed.D., is a former U.S. Army officer who has been in academia for over 25 years. WGU North Carolina recently celebrated its fifth anniversary as a state affiliate of WGU and has more than 6,700 graduates in North Carolina, including at least one in all 100 counties.

Why Promote Institutional Neutrality?

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Why Foster and Protect Viewpoint Diversity on College Campuses?

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Why does freedom of association matter on campus?

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What is a Trigger Warning?

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Why Do Academic Standards Matter?

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Blueprints for Reform


What are Racial Preferences in College Admissions?

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Education Book Discussion Featuring Jonathan Butcher

A recording of our most recent Education Book Discussion featuring Jonathan Butcher, discussing Butcher’s latest book, Splintered: Critical Race Theory and the Progressive War on Truth.

We apologize for the technical issue beginning around the 45 minute mark.

Breaking Away From Leviathan: Colleges Can Thrive Without Federal Funding

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Why is Free Speech on Campus Important?

Blueprint for Reform: Free Speech