The Abandonment of Standardized Testing – Featuring Wenyuan Wu

Wenyuan Wu holds a Ph.D. in International Studies from the University of Miami and is the Executive Director of Californians for Equal Rights Foundation. In this interview, she speaks with Shannon Watkins about the abandonment of standardized testing in college admissions.

Education Book Discussion Featuring Margarita Mooney Clayton

On Thursday, February 2, the Martin Center welcomed theology professor and Scala Foundation founder Margarita Mooney Clayton for a webinar on her latest book, The Wounds of Beauty: Seven Dialogues on Art and Education.

Academic Quality Part 3 – The Effects of Dumbing Down Higher Education

Academic Quality Part 2 – What happens once students get to college?

Academic Quality Part 1 – A Higher Education Moment

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A majority of U.S. colleges admit most students who apply


Interview with WGU North Carolina’s Chancellor: Dr. Ben Coulter

WGU North Carolina’s Chancellor, Dr. Ben Coulter, Ed.D., is a former U.S. Army officer who has been in academia for over 25 years. WGU North Carolina recently celebrated its fifth anniversary as a state affiliate of WGU and has more than 6,700 graduates in North Carolina, including at least one in all 100 counties.

Why Promote Institutional Neutrality?

Blueprints for Reform:

Why Foster and Protect Viewpoint Diversity on College Campuses?

Blueprints for Reform: