Ignorance of College Graduates

Students are paying a higher price tag for college, but is the quality of their education also increasing, or at least staying stable? A lot of indicators suggest “no.”

Student Loan Forgiveness and the Future of Higher Ed

Jenna Robinson analyzes recent proposals on student loan forgiveness made by both Joe Biden and Senate Democratic leaders.

Protecting Student Athletes’ Rights: Interview with Donna Lopiano

Shannon Watkins interviews the president of the Drake Group, Donna Lopiano, about legislative steps that can be taken to protect the rights of student athletes.

Free Speech and Liberal Education: A Plea for Intellectual Diversity and Tolerance

Dr. Donald Downs discussed his latest book, Free Speech and Liberal Education: A Plea for Intellectual Diversity and Tolerance, on January 14 during a Martin Center webinar.

Downs is the Alexander Meiklejohn Professor of Political Science Emeritus and affiliate professor of law and journalism emeritus at the University of Wisconsin‐​Madison as well as the lead faculty advisor to the Free Speech and Open Inquiry Project of the Institute for Humane Studies in Washington, D.C.

Speaking Out Against Censorship in Academia

Shannon Watkins interviews University of Houston professor Adam Ellwanger about an open letter he wrote decrying censorship in academia.

Student Anxiety Is a Growing Issue

Shannon Watkins interviews Anthony Hennen, the Martin Center’s Managing Editor, about an article he wrote on student anxiety.

Students Are Clueless About History

Shannon Watkins discusses the causes and effects of widespread historical ignorance.

Bolstering the Board: Interview with Jay Schalin

Shannon Watkins interviews Jay Schalin, the Martin Center’s Director of Policy Analysis, about his recent report entitled “Bolstering the Board: Trustees Are Academia’s Best Hope for Reform.”

The report can be found here: https://www.jamesgmartin.center/2020/07/bolstering-the-board-trustees-are-academias-best-hope-for-reform/

Goldstein: Research Universities Have a Duty to Reopen

UNC-Chapel Hill professor, Buck Goldstein discusses how and why universities should reopen as the country battles COVID-19.

Free Expression and Constructive Dialogue at UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill professors Jennifer Larson and Mark McNeilly discuss freedom of expression and constructive dialogue at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In the Spring of 2019, Jennifer and Mark (as well as UNC professor Timothy Ryan) were eager to better understand students’ experiences with free speech and constructive dialogue at their university. They conducted a survey and focus groups to gather data. Their research led to four principle findings and a set of recommendations for improvement. In this presentation, Jennifer and Mark will discuss their final report, as well as the process of performing research in this area.