Let’s Rethink the Mental Health “Crisis”

The Surgeon General warned of a “mental-health crisis” among young people, adding urgency to long-standing concerns. Campuses are rushing to address these issues, but their efforts may do more harm than good because they’re rooted in the disease model of mental health. The disease model sees painful emotions as evidence of a disorder. It presumes … Continue reading “Let’s Rethink the Mental Health “Crisis””

UNC-Chapel Hill in a “Mental Health Crisis”

It has been two months since the start of the Fall semester at UNC-Chapel Hill. In those two months, four students have died by suicide on campus. In response to the tragic events, UNC Chancellor Guskiewicz announced a Wellness Day for students on “Tuesday, Oct. 12, as a step in addressing mental health.” October 12 … Continue reading “UNC-Chapel Hill in a “Mental Health Crisis””

COVID-19 Campus Changes: Testing and Sequestering Students

Colleges have been trying to stop COVID-19 from spreading on campus, and after a year of experimentation, failure, and success, officials may have found their way. Campuses are combining widespread testing, a reduction in social activities, limited in-person classes, and altered schedules to avoid shutting down campuses like many did last fall. Colleges do deserve … Continue reading “COVID-19 Campus Changes: Testing and Sequestering Students”

Did You Know? North Carolina Students Pay For Health Services Twice

All students enrolled in UNC system institutions are required to have health insurance coverage. They also pay a Health Services Fee to their university. According to Blue Cross Blue Shield, The UNC System endorses a cost-effective Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) that covers additional health care expenses not included in the Student Health Fee. This … Continue reading “Did You Know? North Carolina Students Pay For Health Services Twice”