The Diversity bureaucracy will always be “successful,” despite failures

To the editor:

Prof. Weissberg seems a bit baffled by the Loyalty Oaths required by the New Red Guard.  He asks, “Is there anything that suggests that this latest effort will finally be successful?”

Silly wabbit.  Lucky for him he’s retired, otherwise I’m afraid he’d be compelled to public confessions followed by some sort of auto-da-fe!

Of course this will be successful.  Just as every preceding idiot venture has been successful.  Of course they have.  But the thing is….the nominal racial achievement gap still remains, despite this half-century of success.   How is this possible?

It remains for two reasons.  First & foremost the Gap is essential to the continued life of the Bureaucratic Diversity/Inclusivity Blob which birthed it.  If the Gap were to go away, the Blob withers.  Second, this Outcome Imbalance remains because — per its True Believers — America is deeply & systemically racist in all kinds of invisible and impossible to correct ways.   How could it not remain?

So who is to blame?  Not the Diversiticrats & Inclusivists — they’re running as fast as they can to stay in the same place.  No, the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of everyone outside the Blob: every professor, every department, every staff member, even unto the color painted on the walls in the Student Union and the menus in the dormitory cafeterias.  The guilt is Everywhere.  And so the solution, clearly, is the Loyalty Oath recited by Everyone (as witnessed, of course, by the various department Commissars).

And the outcome of the coming Purge (once those whose Loyalty Oaths are lacking are identified and cleansed)?  Sigh, the Gap will undoubtedly remain.  It will be with us always.

For as Lenin himself noted, the perfectly Woke World pursued by the Newly Enlightened “presupposes both a productivity of labor unlike the present and a (faculty member) unlike the present who is capable of … the impossible.”  So until that Man unlike the present Man arrives with a basket full of Nirvana, the struggle goes on.

Tune in next year when we have a Loyalty Recital & a Loyalty Salute to go with the Loyalty Oath!  I can hardly wait!


Kansas City