Community Colleges Make Case for Bigger Salaries

Anticipating a bumpy financial road during the next session of the General Assembly, leaders for the North Carolina Community College System this week couched their request for more money to boost faculty and staff salaries in careful terms.

Boosting Salaries Difficult in Tight Budget Year, Say Lawmakers

N.C. community college leaders are asking lawmakers for $174.5 million to boost faculty and staff salaries, but key legislators say it will be difficult to fund all those needs in a tight budget year. A legislative committee is scheduled to discuss the matter next week.

Duke Posts High Athlete Grad. Rates, Mixed Findings For UNC

Duke University athletes post high graduation rates, while graduation rates for UNC athletes were mediocre, according to a new report from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The report looks at six and four-year graduation rates for NCAA Division 1 colleges.

Elon College

Elon College “A Hidden Jewel,” According to Study, UNC Voters Approve Bonds

Student Columnist Accuses N.C. State English Department of Feminist Bias

A columnist for the Technician, N.C. State University’s official student newspaper, has ignited a controversy on that campus with his charge that the English Department is an “instrument…to convert the ideas and opinions of the student body to the conformist views of feminism.” Ryan Galligan, a fifth-year student and former “P.C. tool,” wrote in his Oct. 12 column that N.C. State English faculty use “subjective grading [as] a convenient power tool” against students, who are “academically bullied to cherish feminism.” He specifically mentioned English 111 and 112, the freshmen composition courses all freshmen are required to take.

Budget Expansion Approved

The State Board of Community Colleges on Friday approved an expansion budget that represents an increase of 21.6 percent in operating funds for fiscal year 2001-02 and a 24.3 percent increase for fiscal year 2001-03. Raising faculty salaries, increasing summer term funding and improving instruction resources were among the priorities addressed.

Dropping Scores to Admit More Minorities Means “Strange Bedfellows”

Large public university systems in California, Texas and Florida may have increased minority enrollment in the face of an end to affirmative action. But the change may not be the result of increased minority test performance. In fact, many schools are dropping the SAT and ACT academic achievement exams as admissions requirements altogether, according to a recent USA Today report, automatically admitting students who are top-ranked in their high schools.

UNC Leaders, Legislators Discuss Faculty Salary Increases

University of North Carolina officials on Monday pressed legislators for increased faculty salary pay, saying that UNC campuses would suffer significant losses of their best faculty if pay and benefits aren’t improved soon.

Bond Analysts vs. Bond Supporters: Tax Hikes vs. Cost Savings

The question of whether the $3.1 billion in higher education bonds will raise taxes in North Carolina Counties sparked heated debate this week between bond supporters and research analysts.

Tax Increases from UNC Bonds a Virtual Certainty,” According to New Report

Proponents of the $3.1 billion bond for construction at UNC-system schools and community colleges have downplayed the possibility that tax increases may be necessary to cover additional debt service incurred by the state. But a recent analysis by the John Locke Foundation’s Pope Center for Higher Education Policy says otherwise.