Report on English departments reveals decline

The John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy will soon publish a new report entitled “The Decline of the English Department.” Authored by director of policy analysis Jay Schalin, the report investigates current trends in English departments, including why student enrollment has declined in English departments at American universities and how both internal and external pressures have led to widespread changes in the discipline’s curriculum.

Pope Center joins global effort celebrating late Nobel laureate

Milton Friedman, recognized as the most influential economist of the last century, will be the focal point at the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy’s Friedman Legacy Day on July 31 in Pinehurst, NC.

Pope Center Questions Poverty Research Fund

In an article on the Pope Center’s website entitled, “Gene Nichol’s Poverty Fund Is About the Politics, Not the Poverty,” State Policy Director Jay Schalin points out that the new “Poverty Research Fund” differs from the Center, which the UNC Board of Governors voted to close, only in name.

Pope Center elects Jenna Robinson as president

RALEIGH – Jenna A. Robinson, Ph.D., has been named president and executive director of the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, effective February 16, 2015. She will replace Jane S. Shaw, who is retiring.

Pope Center joins in amicus brief to curb power of higher education accreditors

Disturbed by the excessive power wielded by accreditors of higher education institutions, the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy has joined two other reform organizations, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni and the Judicial Education Project, in an amicus brief filed this month.

Pope Center analyzes general education classes at NC State University

John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy policy analyst Jay Schalin has critiqued another North Carolina flagship university–this time NC State University. In 2013, he coauthored a similar report on UNC-Chapel Hill with Jenna Ashley Robinson.