“Politically Polarized” Students

According to a 2016 survey by the University of California, Los Angeles, 42% of freshmen indicated they were politically moderate, making this the "most politically polarized" generation of incoming students. On Inside Higher Ed.

Duke Professor Fears “Campus Chaos”

Over 25 years ago, Duke University professor John Staddon argued that multiculturalism "looks like tribalism in an intellectual disguise." He feared that academia was deciding "to embrace, rather than reject, chaos." On Intellectual Takeout

Conservative Scholar on Campus

University of Texas at Austin professor, Daniel Bonevec, says that he does feel like a political "outlier" on campus. He argues that left-wing hostility is mainly due to the "presence of a very vocal minority." In Times Higher Education.

Purdue Buys Kaplan University

On Thursday, Purdue University announced their purchase of (for-profit) Kaplan University. With this decision, Purdue has entered the "competitive online-education market."
In the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Outside Lawyers Bring Accountability

Outside attorneys who participate in university hearings can help enforce accountability. But, some lawyers say this can be difficult because "there’s no set standard like there is in a criminal court." In the Daily Tar Heel.

Yale “Hunger Strike”

Graduate students at Yale are going on a "hunger" strike to "pressure the administration into granting them better union benefits." The strike is symbolic and protestors can eat "when hungry." on the Washington Free Beacon.

Accusations of Academic Dishonesty

"Almost 77 percent of students accused of all types of academic dishonesty—including cheating, plagiarism and lying—in 2015-16 were found responsible in the student conduct process," reports Gautam Hathi.
In the Duke Chronicle.

Faulted for Enforcing Civil Rights Act

Several left-wing groups have faulted the head of the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, Candice Jackson, for "having objected in the past to clear-cut violations of the civil rights laws." In Competitive Enterprise Institute.

“Resistance School”

A "Resistance School" has been formed by students at Harvard University to combat the "tyranny" of Donald Trump. They compare their movement to “Dumbledore’s Army” from Harry Potter. On Heat Street.

Intellectual Cowardice

The editors at National Review say they often disagree with Ann Coulter, but they point out that she "never used violence or the threat of violence to keep someone from speaking."
In National Review.