Bystander Intervention

Senators at a recent hearing called for colleges to provide bystander intervention training for incoming freshmen and adopting antiharassment policies. On Inside Higher Ed.

Financial Grades

"Struggling schools often charge high tuitions, and then quietly offer steep discounts to entice students and their parents," writes Matt Schifrin. On Forbes.


New Mexico State University plans to cut 126 positions, 37 of which are filled, as part of efforts to cover a budget shortfall of $12.1 million. In the Chronicle of Higher Ed.

Meadows Bill Relieves Students

North Carolina Representative Mark Meadows has sponsored a bill to ensure that full-time college students are not classified under the Affordable Care Act as full-time employees. On Carolina Journal.

Scandal Hurts Universities

According to a Harvard Business School study, scandals on college campuses that receive extensive media coverage lead to decreases in the number of applications that college receives. On Campus Reform.

Fair Chance Pledge

"If I were working in a college or university admissions office today...I would have real concerns about whether admitting these offenders is really a very good idea," writes Vic Brown. On Phi Beta Cons.

Chairmanship Revoked

A Troy University professor has lost his economics department chairmanship after his comments at a free enterprise conference are leaked. On Inside Higher Ed.

UNC Gets Spokesperson

Kevin Howell has been appointed Senior Vice President of External Affairs for the UNC System, a newly created position that will act as a spokesperson for the UNC system. ON WCHL.

A Cheaper Ride

"Lower tuition will increase access, won’t it? And isn’t greater access the mantra of politicians, faculty, and administrators? Maybe not, since a lot of people are grousing about it," writes Jane Shaw. On Phi Beta Cons

Finances Improve

According to a new Moody's report, public and private colleges saw their median revenues outpace median expenses in 2015. On Inside Higher Ed.