Princeton Wants to Ban Freshmen

"It is too easy to accuse students of wanting to be coddled and protected from 'micro-aggressions' through 'trigger warnings,'" writes Diana Fuchtgott-Roth. On the Manhattan Institute.

Setting the Record Straight

The Chancellor of UNC-Wilmington has issued a statement reaffirming the school's commitment to free speech after a professor erased pro-Trump chalkings written by students. On the College Fix.

Harvard’s Loss

Harvard University reported an overall loss of 2 percent on its investments for the year ended on June 30. In the New York Times.

A Lesson for Librarians

The University of Minnesota has a new program for librarians that teaches them about microaggressions. On National Review.

Digging Out Berkeley

"A $150 million deficit is daunting but not insurmountable, though it requires changes that may be uncomfortable," writes Michael Poliakoff. On City Journal.

Debating Hate Speech

"If enlightened universities have failed to draw the proper balance between free speech and hate speech, what makes you think crass politicians will be able to do so?" writes Shikha Dalmia. On Reason.

The State of Education

A new report from the Commission on the Future of Undergraduate Education examines the current state of undergraduate education. On Inside Higher Ed.

Balancing the Budget

Washington State University is asking students to pay an additional $50 per semester to cover a $13 million deficit in the athletics budget. In the Spokesman-Review.

The Skidmore Bubble

"Political debate is rare because our student body is hostile to the exchange of ideas, incredulous at the notion that liberal opinions do not constitute universal truths," writes Skidmore student Elena Veatch. On the Skidmore News.

College Costs Lie

"Only if the real cost is made plain will families be able to make good decisions about whether college is worth it," writes Hayden Padgett. On FEE.