Locked out of Gmail and Youtube

Professor Jordan Peterson, famous for his refusal to use genderless pronouns, was locked out of his Youtube and Gmail accounts on Tuesday. Google did not provide him with any explanation. On Intellectual Takeout.

“Tuition Reset”

The National Association of College and University Business Officers recently discussed the topic of "tuition resets." Concordia University, for example, had a tuition reset in 2013 when it cut a third of its expenses. On Inside Higher Ed.

President of Community College System Resigns

The president of the North Carolina Community College System, James C. "Jimmie" Williamson, will be resigning on September 30. The new acting president will be system Chief of Staff Jennifer Haygood. In WRAL.

Fired for a Tweet?

Kevin Allred, professor at Montclair State University, was "stripped" of his teaching responsibilities after he posted a Tweet about shooting president Trump. On Inside Higher Ed.

Single Loan Servicer Plan Canceled

The Department of Education announced on Tuesday that it will cancel its plan to choose a single servicer for student loans. In the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Attorney Defending Students’ Free Speech

An Alliance Defending Freedom attorney, Travis Barham, argued in court yesterday for the suspension of speech policies that led to the arrest of several students in a Young Americans for Liberty chapter.
On Alliance Defending Freedom.

Board of Governors in Favor of Litigation Ban

Yesterday, the Board of Governors' Committee on Educational Planning voted 5-1 in favor of the proposal to ban litigation at UNC Chapel Hill's Center for Civil Rights. The entire board will vote on it on September 8. In the Daily Tar Heel.

“Victim” of Assault?

An alleged victim of assault claims that her boyfriend did not harm her. She says that her university, the University of Southern California, has pressured her to not speak out.
On the College Fix.

Free Speech Bill Passed

North Carolina's free speech bill, House Bill 527, became law on Monday-- even though Governor Cooper did not sign it.
In the Carolina Journal.

Dangerous “Educationist Ideas”

E.D. Hirsch, in his book The Schools We Need: And Why We Don’t Have Them, outlines problematic principles that have "eroded" higher education. On Intellectual Takeout.