Pomona College’s “Underrepresented Faculty”

Students at Pomona College protest the recent hire of Alice Goffman as a visiting professor of sociology. They say the college has failed "to recognize...the best interests of students of color.” In the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Marching in the Rain

The march for science in Washington, D.C., took place yesterday as planned, despite the cold and rain. Many academics and students came, claiming that the new budget will close down labs and research. On Inside Higher Ed.

College Sports Course Cancelled

A history course at UNC-Chapel Hill on "big-time college sports" has been canceled. Some speculate that the university doesn't want students to know about the recent academic scandal. In the Daily Tar Heel.

Throwing out Books and Ideas?

Universities such as UC Santa Cruz are discarding thousands of books in order to make room for "more digital study spaces, meeting areas, and even nap pods."
On Intellectual Takeout.

$220,000 “Social Justice Center”

Wesleyan University, rated as "one of the worst in the nation for free speech," will be spending about $220,000 a year on a new social justice center. On the College Fix.

Jefferson Statue Validates “Racism”

A statue of Thomas Jefferson at Columbia University was recently adorned with a Ku Klux Klan hood because it "validates rape, sexual violence, and racism."
On Campus Reform.

“March for Science”

Tomorrow, a "march for science" will take place in Washington D.C. and across the country protesting the "massive cuts to federal research funding."
On Inside Higher Ed.