State Education Department Apologizes

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction recently reached out to several colleges, apologizing for including them on a list of institutions that had low passing rates in their education programs. In WRAL.

Berkeley Accused of Derailing Free Speech, Again

Milo Yiannopoulos and a UC Berkeley student group are accusing the university of trying to prevent the free speech event scheduled for September 24 to 27 from occurring.
In the Chronicle of Higher Education.

New Leader of HBCU Initiative

President Trump named speaker and consultant Johnathan Holifield as the new head of the HBCU initiative. Some are concerned whether the new appointee has enough relevant experience. On Inside Higher Ed.

UNC-Chapel Hill Discusses DACA

A discussion panel concerning the future of DACA students was held at UNC-Chapel Hill last night. Students and panelists are calling for the university to provide safe spaces to those who are affected by the decision. In the Daily Tar Heel.

Innovation and Online Education

Jane S. Shaw writes how online education will be an "important higher-education issue for years to come." Colleges must determine "the best practices for merging technology with higher education," says Shaw. On the American Spectator.

Nurse Bachelors Degree Program

In January, Winston-Salem State University will launch a new bachelor's degree program for nurses. In Triad Business Journal.

No More “Freshmen”

By the 2018-19 academic year, Yale University will no longer use the terms "freshmen" or "upperclassmen." Instead, it will adopt the terms "first-year" and "upper-level" students.
On Inside Higher Ed.

Free Speech Safeguarded

In reference to Ben Shapiro's controversial visit to Berkeley, Katherine Timpf argues: "seeing that First Amendment rights are being protected is something that should bring you peace, not panic." In National Review.