Rescuing Diversity

"each passing month brings news–involving disinvitations, censorship, resignations, campus disruptions, and comparable developments–that could fill a sequel," writes Peter Minowitz. On Heterodox Academy.

State Reaches Budget Agreement

Under a budget agreement in the state legislature, tuition will be $500 per semester at three UNC schools beginning in 2017. On WCTI.

Shady For-Profit Deal

Several top government officials and close insiders have made a bid to purchase the largest for-profit higher education group in what's being called a questionable deal. On Politico.

Faux Accountability

"If we must maintain our bloated current system of federal student aid, better accountability measures from the Department of Education might be in order," writes Preston Cooper. For the Manhattan Institute.

NCSU Lawsuit

A federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction on behalf of a student group which sued NC State for violating students' free speech rights. On WNCN.

UNCP Supports Plan

The chancellor of UNC-Pembroke said he will support a plan to lower tuition at the school to $500 a term, if the money is replaced by the state. On the Robesonian.

Free College Costs

According to school district officials, an Ohio program that allows high school students to earn free college credit costs too much. In the Ohio Dispatch.

Embracing Career Readiness

Kentucky is unique in high school reform by creating a distinct curriculum to prepare students for careers rather than college. On the Hechinger Report.

For-Profit Fraud

A now closed for-profit chain of schools has admitted to defrauding students by misrepresenting graduation and job placement rates. On Inside Higher Ed.

HB2 Enforcement

According to an affidavit written by system president Margaret Spellings, the UNC system will not try to enforce HB2. On WNCN.