B.A., M.A., Ph.D., But Little Education

Our universities once only took in students who wanted an education. Now those who want an education find it a challenge to get one. We are more and more preparing our students to work at jobs in the economy, but we are less and less preparing them to create, discover, and understand. That is a loss to both our culture and society.

Improving Higher Education Through Professor Specialization

Every economist will tell you about the benefits from specialization. We have known about that since Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations. But for some reason, this knowledge is thrown out when it comes to specialization in academia.

Farewell, academia. I hardly knew thee

I have made the decision to never again seek employment at a college or university. I will never send another C.V. to an institute of higher education. I am finished wasting my time.

Microaggression or Neglect?

If it is really a kind of aggression to correct student grammar, composition teachers are unnecessary.