Why faculty members make poor administrators

To the editor:

Here is why faculty and faculty administrators make poor administrators that is not related to peer governance that shrinks from decisions. Very few are trained or self-trained in:

1. Basic management practices: delegation, supervision, finance, budget practices, communications
2. Designing and evaluating a full curriculum and relating it to the mission
3. Designing academic programs that link students to the job market
4. Putting together class schedules that move students along and make maximum use of the skills of the professoriate and the capacity of physical assetsMoreover, the professoriate has usually risen within an inefficient structure that is overstaffed and depends on others to do the hard work of building courses, curriculum, etc.
The result is that they are dependent on others to understand the dynamics of the curriculum and the expectations of the students.In addition, presidents of small colleges (<1,000) should manage as if they are in charge of a small business in which the head of the school does most of the work and only has support staff to convert rough documents into presentable formats.

Michael Keith Townsley
Raleigh, NC