The Martin Center’s George Leef Publishes His First Novel

George Leef, the Martin Center’s long-serving director of editorial content, has just written his first novel, entitled The Awakening of Jennifer Van Arsdale. The publisher is Post Hill Press.

The novel’s setting is the American political scene in the near future. The country has been under complete “progressive” domination for more than eight years and the erosion of freedom has accelerated. Free speech is besieged, the rule of law is but a memory, and the education system is far more concerned with correct ideology than with knowledge and skills.

Does liberty have a chance? Even with the deck stacked terribly against it, maybe it does.

Asked why he wrote the novel, Leef responded,

During the summer of 2020 I was overwhelmed with fears about the fall elections since there was a strong prospect of a sweep by the left. I imagined America after 8 years of complete control by the Democrats and their allies. The picture was very depressing.

Then I tried to imagine how the tables might be turned. While the left has tremendous power and resources, its policies are very damaging. What if someone with a lot of influence could explain that fact to millions of Americans – regular people who are suffering under the domination of politicians who really couldn’t care less about their lives? That could inspire them to fight to regain the freedoms they have lost. That was my objective.

The novel contains much of Leef’s thinking about what has gone wrong with education in the U.S., as well as the roots of our economic and social ills.

The Awakening of Jennifer Van Arsdale is available on and Barnes & Noble.