Beating the Kafka trap at GWU

To the editor:

Which is chicken and which the egg?

IF we take as a given — as the law firm hired by GWU evidently does — that the BDS Movement sweeping through college campuses nationwide is simply an “issue … being debated”…and that to criticize or seek to curtail that debate “could infringe on free speech principles and academic freedom”, well then whatever Prof. Sheehi said (or did not say) can be seen to be simply a part of that reasonable debate process.

And IF…we additionally recognize that the so-called ‘Diversity’ course she is teaching is specifically designed to challenge  students’ own “cultural histories and biases”  ..well then again:  whatever the professor said or did not say, can be assumed to be a natural part of that ‘challenging’:   “Of course you were uncomfortable, whenever our biases are challenged it feels uncomfortable.”

We cannot be surprised at the outcome of the ‘objective’ 3rd party study of this asserted persecution.  It found what the Left-Progressive narrative indicates should be found:  that the BDS debate combined with systemic bias ‘challenging’ is a good and healthy thing which quite obviously needs to be done as evidenced by the reactions of those who object to the challenging.

The very fact that the ‘biased Jewish students’ were offended by the Process is proof that the Process was honorable & virtuous (and the students prejudiced)!  That’s how Kafka-Traps work:  if you call me an racist, and I object to being called an racist, then the Kafka-trap (and Ibram Kendi) responds by saying, ‘Of course you object to being called an racist, that’s what a racist WOULD say!’

The only way to beat a Kafka Trap is to refuse it at the get-go.

But Sheehi’s course is required; it can’t be refused.  And it is the course itself (and the Leftist Woke Bias which builds such courses) …. sitting atop the BDS Debate which is fundamentally anti-Semitic…anti-Conservative….anti-American.   As the National Association of Scholars puts it, “The BDS movement threatens the integrity of colleges and universities due to its attempt to capture academic policy to suit its own political goals.”  Nor should we be surprised that the law firm, “Crowell & Moring” , which trumpets its own deep DIE commitments, finds the DIE agenda pursued by GWU / Sheehi to be entirely righteous.

What we see demonstrated, over and over again, is that the End which is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Justice justifies whatever Means may be necessary.  You can’t make that Perfect Global Omelet without breaking a whole bunch of eggs.  The question now is how many students at GWU truly want to be ‘broken’ by the hatred preached by people like Sheehi.

Kansas City, Missouri