Merry Christmas!

In his new video “Just Say ‘Merry Christmas,’” Dennis Prager argues that efforts to replace “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” are misguided. In the name of “inclusivity,” he says, we are excluding the roughly 90 percent of Americans who celebrate Christmas.

Such inclusivity efforts go back many years. In 2008, for example, the Pope Center reported on UNC-Chapel Hill’s decision to remove Christmas trees from its library.

The university’s associate provost for libraries had argued that a library should be a place to provide information “without judgment.” She explained in an interview that “Displaying Christian symbols is antithetical to that philosophy.”

Lately, that philosophy has been taken to absurd extremes. Campus Reform recently documented an example at Texas Woman’s University:

[The University] is offering tips for an “all-inclusive, multicultural” Christmas season, warning that the word “holiday” is no longer inclusive enough and advising that office parties should instead be called “end of semester parties.”

And last year, Cornell University made the news after advising students that trees decorated with “snowflakes or other non-religious symbols” were in line with its diversity mission, but that nativity scenes, angels, mistletoe, and Menorahs were not.

Prager’s new video asserts that these cases are part of a larger effort to transform the U.S into a secular society. Watch the video below and decide for yourself.