The State of the State University 2015

The Pope Center publishes this paper as part of our continuing effort to spur transparency in higher education. North Carolina citizens need to know if the UNC system is fulfilling its mission of discovering, creating, transmitting, and applying knowledge. The new edition of The State of the State University brings together all of the data needed to evaluate the UNC system’s ability to provide value for students and society.

The State of the State University 2015: Critical Facts about the University of North Carolina System by Jenna Ashley Robinson and Harry Painter compiles publicly available data about the University of North Carolina system. In an easily readable way, it illustrates key characteristics of the 16 campuses and how they have changed over the past decade. This information will be useful for students and parents, the public, policy-makers, university administrators, and faculty.

This report shows, through graphs and tables, the University of North Carolina’s enrollment growth, tuition history, admissions data, and graduation rates. It provides details about student aid, student debt, the ratio of faculty to students, and the ratio of administrators to faculty. It includes information about faculty salaries, state appropriations, and state subsidy of instruction costs.

The State of the State University 2015, including an appendix of definitions, is available as a PDF download below. Please click here to access supplementary information not included in the report. Hard copies of the report can be ordered by contacting Pope Center staff at

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