2013 Pope Center Spirit of Inquiry Best Course Award

“Spirit of Inquiry” Contest –

A chance for students to nominate their best courses!

 It’s easy to whine about dull texts, lackadaisical professors, out-of-date material–but what about the great courses–the ones that kept you on the edge of your seat, sparked your interest in a new discipline, or made you forget waiting for the bell? Here is your chance to tell the world about the best classes.

Nominate a professor now! 


Requirements for nomination:

A Spirit of Inquiry

  • The instructor’s presentation of social and political issues is balanced and fair
  • The course readings present multiple perspectives on controversial issues
  • The classroom environment allows student expression of ideas
  • The classroom environment encourages open investigation and inquiry

Educational Excellence

  • Course material is interesting and rigorous
  • Faculty member is responsive to student needs

Student Nomination Awards

  • For winning courses, each current student will receive $250 toward purchasing books in the form of a student store gift card!
  • Recent graduates will receive a check for $250!

Other Items to Keep in Mind

  • Course can be in any discipline
  • Course must have been taken no earlier than Fall 2008 and no later than Spring 2013
  • Nominations accepted from undergrads and graduate students
  • All courses in North Carolina public and private colleges and universities are eligible

Nominations will be accepted from January 15 until May 31, 2013

Nominate a professor now!