University of North Carolina Centers and Institutes

This page provides a list of centers, institutes, and other such distinct entities affiliated with the University of North Carolina system. Because of the large size of the list, and because information about UNC centers is not always readily made available to the public, we encourage readers to verify any information for themselves. This list is intended to be a starting point for anybody wishing to find out further information about UNC centers and institutes.

It is therefore divided into two sections. The first consists of centers that have had both their continued existence and 2010-11 state funding confirmed by their host campuses. The information in this section can be regarded as reliable.

The second section consists of centers and institutes for which we have not yet been able to confirm their 2010-11 budgets, and in some cases, whether they continue to exist as state-supported UNC entities. Additionally, a plus sign preceding the “estimated budget” signifies that the amount is a change to the center’s budget by the legislature, not the full amount of the annual state appropriation.

This list is a work in progress, and will be updated as more information is discovered. Please feel free to contact Jay Schalin at the Pope Center for further discussion.

Centers Confirmed
NC Center for Health and Wellness $551,263
Center for Craft, Creativity and Design 190,542
National Environmental Modeling Analysis Center 273,000
NC Center for Creative Retirement 121,309
Native American Resource Center 232,320
Multicultural Program (UNCW) 42,436
Women’s Studies and Resource Center 84,396
Center for Business and Economic Services 114,220
Center for Faculty Leadership 128,564
Center for Support for Undergraduate Research and Fellowship 40,000
Center for Teaching Excellence 162,683
Center for Marine Science 4,305,075
Science and Mathematics Education Center 221,300
Small Business Technology Development Center 101,485
Upperman African American Cultural Center 161,848
Center for Energy Research & Technology 413,051
ASU Center for Entrepreneurship 106,273
ASU Energy Center 512,340
Center for Appalachian Studies 191,527
Appalachian Studies Degree program 131,433
Total 322,960
Center for Economic Research and Policy Analysis 74,410
Institute for Health and Human Services 467,511
Math and Science Education Center* 240,604
National Center for Development Education 138,677
North Carolina Center for Engineering Technologies 420,876
Research Institute for Environment, Energy and Economics 195,004
Appalachian Regional Bureau of Government 43,658
ASU Wellness Center 212,819
Martha Guy Summer Institute 65,002
Math-Science Summer Ventures 318,812
Turchin Center for the Visual Arts 196,216
Visual Arts Center/Education Outreach Center
Office of Arts and Cultural Programs 101,645
Farthing Auditorium 41,896
Total 143,541
Lucy Brock Child Development Center 139,647
Small Business and Technology Development Center 89,838
Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise 5,924,649
Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Initiative 1,231,366
Juvenile Justice Institute 203,639
Kannapolis Project 883,432
Alternative Resolution Institute 126,000
Center for University Teaching and Learning 164,002
Institute for Civic Engagement and Social Change 15,000
Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law 50,000
Center for Science, Math, and Technology Education 47,057
NC Center for International Understanding +$217,578
NC in the World 250,000
Renaissance Computing Institute +11,800,000
Center for Global Business Education and Research
Center for New North Carolinians 131,454
Center for Women’s Health and Wellness
McDowell Research Center for Global IT Management 5,534
Teaching and Learning Center 1,924,017
Center for Educ. Studies and Development
Center for Applied Research
Center for Drug Discovery
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Center for Health of Vulnerable Populations
Center for Innovation in Interior Architecture
Center for School Accountability, Staff Development & Teacher Quality
Center for Youth, Family, & Community Partnerships
Family Research Center
Human Environmental Sciences Center for Research
Institute for Health, Science & Society
Interdisciplinary Center for E-Learning
Interdisciplinary Center for Obesity Prevention
Music Research Institute
SERVE: Southeastern Regional Vision for Education
UNCG Psychology Clinic
Center for Biotechnology, Genomics and Health Research
Center for Business and Economic Research
Center for Creative Writing in the Arts
Center for Geographic Information Science
Center for Research Excellence In Bioactive Food Components
Center for Social, Community and Health Research and Evaluation
Institute for Community and Economic Engagement
North Carolina Entrepreneurship Center
Center for Design Innovation 407,047
Community Music School
Stage Combat Program
Center for Teaching Excellence 55,720
Small Business and Technology Development Center 278,102
Drug Information Center unknown
Center for Health and Aging
Center for the Improvement of Mountain Living
Center for Applied Technology 13,013
Center for Integrated Technologies/Center for Rapid Product Realization 272,957
Center for Math & Science Education 146,858
Center for Support of Beginning Teachers
Cherokee Center 105,615
Coulter Faculty Center 208,417
Highlands Biological Station 400,181
Hospitality Management Center
Institute for the Economy & the Future
Local Government Training (Extension Instruction) 26,636
Mountain Heritage Center 225,501
Pardee Center
Public Policy Institute
Reading Center
Summer Ventures
Workforce Development Center
Center for Forensic Science
Center for International Research and Policy
Center for Professional Sales and Marketing
Center for Regional Development
Helen Patton Environmental Research Center
Initiative for Positive Aging
Mountain Aquaculture Research Center
Speech and Hearing Center
Children’s Developmental Services Agency
Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Center for Information Technology and Assurance
Small Business and Technology Development Center
Rapid Product Realization +200,000
Ben Craig Center
Biomedical Engineering Center 46,432
Bonnie E. Cone University Center
Center for Applied Geographic Information Science
Center for Humanities, Technology, and Science
Center for Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Studies
Center for Global Public Relations
Center for Math, Science, and Technology
Center for Precision Metrology 340,115
Center for Professional and Applied Ethics 197,272
Center for Real Estate 92,155
Center for Teaching and Learning
Center for Transportation Policy Studies
Charlotte Research Institute 349,909
Charlotte Visualization Center 36,851
eBusiness Technology Institute 25,938
Institute for Social Capital
Motorsports Center 13,265
North Carolina NASA Education Resource Center
New South Voices Multicultural Institute
Center for Optoelectronics and Optical
Organizational Science Summer Institute
The SouthEast Regional Visualization and Analytics Center
Urban Insititute
American Home at NC State 100,435
Animal and Poultry Waste Management Center 142,590
Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology 533,442
Center for Advanced Processing and Packaging Studies
Center for Environmental and Resource Economic Policy 34,400
Center for Integrated Fungal Research
Center for Integrated Pest Management 82,000
Center for Turfgrass Environmental Research and Education 540,000
Cunningham Farm Research Center
Southeast Dairy Foods Research Center
Southeastern Plant Environment Laboratories 480,000
W.M. Keck Center for Behavioral Biology
Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education 271,971
The William and Ida Friday Institute for Education Innovation 1,797,793
Analytical Instrumentation Facility 421,436
Applied Energy Research Laboratory
Advanced Transportation Energy Center
Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center 5,988,815
Center for Nuclear Power Plant Structures, Equipment and Piping
Center for Robotics and Intelligent Machines
The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina 567,705
Furniture Manufacturing and Management Center 442,568
The Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management Systems Center
Institute for Maintenance Science and Technology
Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Institute 216,857
Minerals Research Laboratory 557,648
Network Technology Institute
North Carolina Solar Center
Nuclear Reactor Program
Precision Engineering Center
Power Semiconductor Research Center
Silicon Solar Research Center
Institute for NEXT Generation IT Systems
Center For Family And Community Engagement 142,090
Institute for Nonprofit Education, Research and Engagement
Center for Innovation Management Studies
Center for Earth Observation
Industry Research Programs in Forestry
Forest Productivity Cooperative
Center for Advanced Forestry Systems
Tree Improvement Cooperative
Center for Research in Scientific Computation 111,314
State Climate Office of North Carolina
Center for Research on Textile Protection and Comfort
Center for Chemical Toxicology Research and Pharmacokinetics
Comparative Medicine and Translational Research 266,739
Bioinformatics Research Center 21,116
Center for Marine Sciences and Technology 115,704
Center for Quantitative Sciences in Biomedicine 15,685
Institute for Emerging Issues 1,148,587
Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science 273,159
Center for Urban Affairs and Community Services 150,116
Encore Center for Lifelong Enrichment
General H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center 151,714
Institute for Advanced Analytics 719,197
North Carolina Japan Center
Center for Excellence in Curricular Engagement
Center for Transportation and the Environment
North Carolina Coastal Resources Law, Planning and Policy Center
Institute for Computational Science and Engineering
North Carolina Sea Grant College Program 1,735,931
Water Resources Research Institute 566,168
Nonwovens Institute
Small Business and Technology Development Center 274,425
Center for Universal Design
NCSU Research Sites or Centers Headquartered at Other Institutions
NC Consortium for South Asia Studies (Duke)
Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (Duke)
Research Triangle Energy Consortium (Research Triangle Institute)
Center for Developmental Science (UNC-CH)
Highway Safety Research Center (UNC-CH)
Institute of Nutrition (UNC-CH)
Science and Tech. Center for Environ. Responsible Solvents and Processes (UNC-CH)
Renaissance Computing Institute (UNC-CH)
University of North Carolina Institute on Aging (UNC-CH)
UNC Coastal Studies Institute (ECU)
Highlands Biological Station (WCU)
Center for Aseptic Processing and Packaging (Ohio State U.)
Center for Bioenergy Research and Development (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology)
Center for the Integration of Composites into Infrastructure (West Virginia U.)
North Carolina Solar Center
Center for Environmental Farm Systems
Center for Environmental Farm Systems
Center for Embedded Systems Research
Veterinary Equine Research Center
Hunt Institute 2,000,000
Ackland Art Museum 732,348
Institute for Advanced Materials, Nanoscience, and Technology 166,362
African-American Research, Institute of 244,704
African Studies Center
Aging and Diversity, Center for
Aging and Health, Center for (Division of Geriatric Medicine)
Aging, Institute on
AIDS Research, Center for
Air Engineering Laboratory, Baity
Ambulatory Care Center
American Indian Center 131,529
Ancient World Mapping Center
Program on Southern Politics, Media, and Public Life 200,000
Small Business and Technology Center 981,618
Center for Applied Computational Studies
Center for the Liberal Arts (P)
ECU Field Station, Lake Mattamuskeet Lodge (R) 3,451
Institute for Historical and Cultural Research (R)
Center for Natural Hazards Mitigation Research (R) 9,000
Roanoke Colonies Research Office (R)
Southern Coastal Heritage Program (P)
Small Business Institute 28,000
Rural Education Institute 42,136
Center for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education 272,826
L.T. Walker Human Performance Center
Center for Innovation in Technology and Engineering 5,143
Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center (Health Affairs) 299,210
Pediatric Healthy Weight Treatment Center
Regional Rehabilitation Center
Photodynamic Therapy Center
Leo Jenkins Cancer Center (Student Affairs) 51,396
Telemedicine Center
Brody School of Medicine-Family Medicine Center
Family Medicine Center
Center for Health Services Research and Development 406,975
Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolic Institute
Metabolic Inst. For the Study of Diabetes and Obesity (Health Affairs)
Eastern Area Health Education Center
Eastern Carolina Heart Institute 343,803
NC Agromedicine Institute 294,008
UNC Coastal Studies Institute 665,423
NC Center for Sustainable Tourism
Institute for Interdisciplinary Coastal Science & Policy 219,503
Institute for Coastal and Marine Resources 1,505,059
Regional Engagement Center for Coastal Systems
Center for Health Disparities Research 407,976
Office of Educational Innovation & Economic Development 1,111,280
Small Business and Tech. Development Center (Community Services)
Community and Regional Development 191,023
Center for Survey Research
Industry and Economic Development
ECU’s Entrepreneurial Initiative
Office of Technology Transfer
OEIED Outreach Services
Center for Municipal Management and Innovation
Innovation Design Lab
ECU’s Outreach Network
Chancellor’s Innovation Workforce Initiative
Engagement and Outreach Scholars Academy
Office for Faculty Excellence 383,866
East Carolina Center for Nursing Leadership
ECU Auditory Learning Center
Geriatrics Center
Creative Living Center’s Senior Daycare Program
Free Standing Birthing Center
Eastern Carolina Cardiovascular
Medical Center News and Information
Center for Diversity and Inequality Research 5,000