Martin Center Publishes “Blueprint for Reform: Affirmative Action” Policy Paper

The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal has published its seventh paper in the “Blueprint for Reform” series, “Blueprint for Reform: Affirmative Action.” Affirmative action is framed as a way to end discrimination and promote equality. However, it has led to unequal treatment of students on the basis of race, gender, economic status and national origin. This new paper recommends steps that policymakers can take to protect education and academic merit.
Jenna A Robinson, president of the Martin Center, said, “Equality of opportunity is a bedrock principle of the American dream. Affirmative action undermines that principle as well as the idea of personal agency.”
The paper provides specific policy guidelines for legislators, university board members, faculty governing committees, and other higher education decision makers. A model university policy is cited from Wyoming Catholic College. The document also links to several studies and resources for further reading.
New policy reform recommendations on different topics will be released by the Martin Center regularly.