College sports makes for strange bedfellows

For many people, collegiate athletics contribute a huge portion of a college’s identity, even overshadowing the schools’ academic programs and research initiatives. College administrators see athletics as a way to reach out to possible donors, alumni, supporters, and prospective students. Little wonder that schools strive to field quality teams in order to win games, conference titles, bowl games, and national championships.

University projects included in proposal

RALEIGH – Since the start of the 2004 short session, House and Senate leaders have debated a series of proposals that would increase the debt load for the state while funding several projects within the University of North Carolina system.

Another UNC Bond Proposal Is Approved

Another bond package has been approved for the University of North Carolina system, but this one was done without voter approval. State legislators approved a nearly $340 million bond package to finance a what were deemed “necessary projects” for the UNC system, even though some did not appear on the UNC Board of Governors’ wish list.

General Assembly Considers Bills Affecting UNC System

CHAPEL HILL – Proposed legislation affecting the University of North Carolina system captured headlines throughout the 2004 short session. Most centered on the $340 million bond package that included some projects that had not even been approved by the UNC Board of Governors. There were other bills, however, concerning higher education that either passed or were dropped in anticipation for greater discussion next year.

Legislators review proposed education budget

RALEIGH – Criticism of proposed cuts in community college funding was among the topics addressed by legislators during a meeting Wednesday on adjustments to the state’s education spending plans.

Legislators also addressed concerns regarding a proposed $27 million cut to the University of North Carolina system budget. The UNC system did receiving funding increases in the proposed budget, including $64 million due to increased enrollment.