James Moeser’s very bad idea

RALEIGH – By now it is well known that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill made national headlines again for something that, depending upon whom you ask, demonstrates its animus against Christian groups or its passion for the principles of diversity. Specifically, UNC-CH is being sued by a Christian fraternity, Alpha Iota Omega, for officially derecognizing the group because the group wouldn’t sign a “nondiscrimination” pledge.

Does publicly funded ‘media democracy’ mean killing the president?

North Carolina taxpayers are supporting, through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an “independent news” site that regularly features calls for the execution of George W. Bush, promotes armed uprisings in America, and receives dozens of other conspiratorial rants too bizarre to explain.

UNC under FIRE

RALEIGH – Once again, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill stands accused of discrimination against a Christian student group.

Conservatives criticize UNC-Chapel Hill reading program again

RALEIGH – Conservatives students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are criticizing the Summer Reading Program again. The surprise is that this year, the program’s selection, made for the first time with an open selections process, was expected to avoid the sort of criticism previous selections endured.

Arrest Warrants Dim College Hopes, Dreams

While his peers hang out in public places laughing and joking and preparing for their college careers, Rageman holes up at friends’ houses peering nervously out of basement windows. He doesn’t have time to think about college. He fears he’s more likely to be thrown in the poke. “I worked hard in school,” Rageman said. “So what if I knocked over a few convenience stores graduation night?”

Albright, Powell highlight N.C.graduation speakers

With the ongoing War on Terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, graduates at some area colleges will hear, first hand, from two individuals who have been involved in policy decisions regarding Iraq and the Middle East.

Forum discusses academic freedom

North Carolina is not the only state where campus bias is a concern. That was evident during a forum held Saturday at Robert “Whit” Whitfield’s campaign headquarters for the 4th District House of Representatives seat. That seat is currently held by Rep. David Price, D-N.C.

Efforts to stifle Carolina Students for Life aborted

The pro-life UNC-CH student group Carolina Students for Life are finally included in the Carolina Women’s Center’s web site and programming. However, the group was excluded for the second year from Women’s Week at the university.