Welcome to Freshman Orientation, Now Meet Your Career Counselor!

Every semester during my thirteen years of teaching at a liberal arts college, several senior year students would approach me and ask if I “knew of any jobs out there.” The issue went deeper than the angst of seniors about their employment prospects, however. I found that the school often failed to thoroughly inform students … Continue reading “Welcome to Freshman Orientation, Now Meet Your Career Counselor!”

Does “Merit Aid” Make Sense?

Businesses sometimes charge different customers different prices as a way to maximize revenue. Airlines, for example, usually charge more for seats reserved on short notice, on the theory that the traveler probably doesn’t have good alternatives and will therefore pay a high price. (Economists call it price discrimination.) Similarly, colleges and universities sometimes also charge … Continue reading “Does “Merit Aid” Make Sense?”

In Addressing Campus Bias, Duke Threatens Free Speech

Following a particularly tumultuous year, Duke University has issued a lengthy report to address “bias and hate” on campus.  The controversy began with reports that a noose was found hanging from a tree in April 2015. Students were disappointed by the administration, and demanded stronger responses from campus authorities to actions they claimed were motivated … Continue reading “In Addressing Campus Bias, Duke Threatens Free Speech”

Vague Campus Rules Undermine Students’ Due Process and Free Speech Rights

Several years ago, the La Voz de Aztlan, a radical left-wing supplement to Fresno State University’s student newspaper, published a poem steeped in anti-American sentiment. It referred to America as “the land robbed by the white savage,” the “land of the biggest genocide,” the “place of greed and slavery,” the “rapist of the earth,” and … Continue reading “Vague Campus Rules Undermine Students’ Due Process and Free Speech Rights”

Three Cheers for Half a Book!

In my review of Higher Education? by Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus, I suggested that the similarities between the thinking of that book’s politically left authors and my own (libertarians are often  but misleadingly placed on the political right) indicated the possibility of a convergence. The waste and inefficiency of our higher education system is now so manifest that … Continue reading “Three Cheers for Half a Book!”