UNC Leaders Want More For Student Aid

Boosting need-based financial aid could help increase overall student enrollment as well as minority enrollment at UNC-system schools, according to Dr. Judith Pulley, Vice President for Academic Planning for UNC. UNC leaders are asking the state for an estimated $19.5 million (for the 2001-03 budget biennium) to boost financial aid. Last year, they received $6.3 million.

UNC, Community Colleges Want Better Salaries

UNC wants $28.5 million and the Community College System $61.5 million in order to make faculty salaries competitive with peer institutions.


While 41 percent of non-Hispanic whites attend college in the United States, only 22 percent of Hispanic youths go, according to “Education=Success.”

New Report on Higher Ed Unduly Praises, Criticizes UNC

The report “Measuring Up 2000” makes North Carolina look good in some respects and bad in others. But before rushing to praise state policymakers where the grades are high or criticize them where the grades are low, we need to examine several questionable assumptions that undermine the validity of those grades.

Accreditation has no clothes

Accreditation is one of those “the emperor is wearing no clothes” phenomena overloading our educational system.

UNC Responds to NCAA Study

On November 30, Clarion Call reported the results of study by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The study found that Duke University athletes post high graduation rates, while graduation rates for UNC athletes were mediocre. But the results for UNC should not be interpreted negatively, says Steve Kirschner, Director of Communications for UNC’s Athletic Department.

Community Colleges Make Case for Bigger Salaries

Anticipating a bumpy financial road during the next session of the General Assembly, leaders for the North Carolina Community College System this week couched their request for more money to boost faculty and staff salaries in careful terms.

Boosting Salaries Difficult in Tight Budget Year, Say Lawmakers

N.C. community college leaders are asking lawmakers for $174.5 million to boost faculty and staff salaries, but key legislators say it will be difficult to fund all those needs in a tight budget year. A legislative committee is scheduled to discuss the matter next week.

Duke Posts High Athlete Grad. Rates, Mixed Findings For UNC

Duke University athletes post high graduation rates, while graduation rates for UNC athletes were mediocre, according to a new report from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The report looks at six and four-year graduation rates for NCAA Division 1 colleges.