The mismatch admissions problem must stop

To the editor: The Mismatch Problem? Certainly we can and probably should spend the time & effort to study, with significant rigor, the outcomes of mismatched admissions to demanding programs….but truly, it’s much simpler than all that. Consider a Track Meet. In order to run the 800 m.  at State you have to be fast.  … Continue reading “The mismatch admissions problem must stop”

The Truth About Student Mismatch

Among the arguments against the policy of admitting students to colleges because they have the right ancestry—that is, they appear to come from “underrepresented” minority groups—is the fact that it can mismatch students and schools. At least sometimes, students admitted to fulfill perceived diversity needs are far behind their classmates in academic ability and find … Continue reading “The Truth About Student Mismatch”

Why South Korea Can’t Quit College

More advanced societies tend to have more educated citizens, which is one reason why politicians of all stripes call for sending more students to college. One country has taken that impulse to its logical extreme—but has found that more is not always better. South Korea has a more educated population than any other country in … Continue reading “Why South Korea Can’t Quit College”

Undermatch, Overmatch, Mismatch

Students often make college decisions that are far from the best, but the federal government is apt to make matters worse.