N.C. universities continue to chase diversity, but at what cost?

The diversity movement continues apace in North Carolina higher education. Universities continue to expend resources in pursuit of diversity, a term generally used to refer to having an appropriate mix of students and faculty of different races, genders, and sexual preferences, as well as course offerings tailored to that mix.

To save the world, race-crazed academics teach ‘whiteness,’ too

One night the comic-strip character Binkley from Bloom County woke his father with the rant, “Well, Dad, I guess it’s safe to say we aren’t exactly a couple of short, Hispanic, Hindu, French-speaking, physically handicapped, Communist, gay, black women.” Binkley’s problem that night was his realization that “in every regard, we’re hopelessly in the majority.”

No excuses for media mistreatment of UNC-CH salary study

A recent study of faculty salaries at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has revealed a significant salary gap between white male faculty and minority faculty. Now that this pay gap has been proven, it’s time for the university to address this obvious pay bias.
The next step is hard but clear: UNC-CH must take corrective action to pay white males more. The good news is at least they’re now getting paid more than females.