Bullying or Caving In?

A report claims that the philosophy department at the University of Colorado-Boulder harasses its female faculty.

Feminist teach-in links “fundamentalism” in the Middle East to (natch) the U.S.

“Women Fight Fundamentalisms: Before and After September 11th” was the topic of a two-day “teach-in” at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University. Discussion was not, however, limited to the fight against that “fundamentalist” version of Islam. As the title clearly indicates, the topic was women fighting “fundamentalisms” (plural). And one speaker discussed similarities between President George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden.

Secrecy surrounds proposed women’s center at UNC-Wilmington

Talk of a new women’s center at UNC-Wilmington has at least one student organization asking questions. According to John Kaiser, Chairman of the Conservative Leadership Group (CLG) at UNC-W, it’s not the idea of having a women’s center at the university that upsets members of his group, but the secrecy surrounding the issue.

Student Columnist Accuses N.C. State English Department of Feminist Bias

A columnist for the Technician, N.C. State University’s official student newspaper, has ignited a controversy on that campus with his charge that the English Department is an “instrument…to convert the ideas and opinions of the student body to the conformist views of feminism.” Ryan Galligan, a fifth-year student and former “P.C. tool,” wrote in his Oct. 12 column that N.C. State English faculty use “subjective grading [as] a convenient power tool” against students, who are “academically bullied to cherish feminism.” He specifically mentioned English 111 and 112, the freshmen composition courses all freshmen are required to take.