The Myth of the Entrepreneurial University

Politicos and pundits praise American universities for their entrepreneurialism. Founders of tech companies get honorary degrees and give commencement speeches. Student orientations include sessions bragging about the startup resources students have on campus. Schools even create “entrepreneurship” majors and entrepreneurship centers within their business schools. But how much of that startup acumen is rhetoric and … Continue reading “The Myth of the Entrepreneurial University”

The Keys to Getting a Startup Job in College

Most people go to college to get a job. Recreation is an added benefit on top of getting a job. Education comes second to recreation in terms of hours spent studying. That is the great secret of a college education. It’s the secret everybody within the walls of the university knows but isn’t allowed to … Continue reading “The Keys to Getting a Startup Job in College”

The Costs and Benefits of College for an Entrepreneur

Launching a business is always a risk. And for young entrepreneurs, their path to success isn’t clear. But the long-debated question of whether an individual should jump right into running an infant business remains focused on one question: is a university education required for someone to be a successful entrepreneur? “The short answer to your … Continue reading “The Costs and Benefits of College for an Entrepreneur”

Under the Radar

Fayetteville State University’s business school is working to create a doctoral program steeped in free markets and capitalism.