The Martin Center Supports the National Association of Scholars’ Civics Alliance Project

Jenna A. Robinson and George Leef, president and director of editorial content for the James G. Martin Center, respectively, have signed the National Association of Scholars’ Open Letter and Curriculum Statement in support of The Civics Alliance project.
The Civics Alliance formed with support from education reformers, policymakers, and citizens of the United States who wish to reject Neo-Marxist action civics pedagogy and defend and restore true civics education. As National Association of Scholars (NAS) president Peter Wood describes in his Introductory Article, “Such civics education should teach students to take pride in what they share as Americans—an exceptional heritage of freedom, a republic that has succeeded in making liberty a fundamental principle of our government, and the joyful accomplishments of their common national culture.”
Martin Center president Jenna A. Robinson said, “Civics knowledge is essential to our republic, to our discourse, and to our maintaining our democratic norms.”
In addition to the Open Letter, the Civics Alliance provides a toolkit for people to take immediate action. The NAS will also publish a series of model bills, for use on the state level, to promote traditional civics.
To learn more about the Civics Alliance or become a signatory, please visit the NAS website.