Measuring Economic Impact

A new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that having more universities in an area is associated with a higher gross domestic product. On Inside Higher Ed.

More OCR Follies

"Members of both parties in Congress should act to curtail OCR’s self-granted license to issue rules that lack any legitimate basis in law," writes Peter Wood. On NAS.

Why Give?

"If you love America, among the worst things you can do is contribute to 95 percent of the country’s universities," writes Dennis Prager. On National Review.

The Failure in College Governance

"The biggest failure in shared governance is the lack of broad-based education about the issues facing those who govern America’s colleges and universities,"writes Dr. Brian C. Mitchell. On the Huffington Post.

NCAA Dropped from Lawsuit

A federal judge has granted the NCAA's motion to dismiss the governing body from a lawsuit related to the UNC-Chapel Hill academic fraud scandal. On the Associated Press.

Concussion Screening Remains Rare

Athletes have been avoiding a simple test to determine a predisposition to concussions, many saying they wouldn’t change their behavior no matter what the genetic tests showed. On STAT.

Biggest Regret for Millennials

A recent survey found that 37 percent of former students regretted going to college given the amount of debt they now have. On Forbes.

Social Justice in Art Appreciation

A professor of art appreciation at the University of Florida told Campus Reform that she has reprimanded and withheld credit from students for using the term "melting pot" in class. On Campus Reform.

Stop Coddling College Crybabies

"How far will this nonsense go before a line is drawn in the sand and sanity intervenes to reintroduce freedom of thought to higher education?" asks Mike Rosen. In the Denver Post.