UNC students protest proposed budget cuts

In early May, more than 2,000 college students marched from N.C. State University to and through the State Legislative Building to protest a proposed reduction in state appropriations to schools in the University of North Carolina system.

NC research institutions valiantly celebrate female genitalia

Fully in keeping with the idea of the university as a place to identify real social problems and address them honestly, all three research institutions in North Carolina hosted performances of Eve Ensler’s play “The Vagina Monologues” and taught students to find empowerment in reciting an awkward Latinate term despite rumors of the fearsome social dictate against doing so.

The ‘unthinkable’ and Molly Broad

In a contest of crises, the floods of Floyd won out over the underfunding of UNC. Or so it would appear. Certainly the state faced a crisis in the hurricane’s wake. But is the situation facing UNC right now a crisis?

Broad’s Field Guide to Chancellor-Spotting

Good morning, nature lovers. Today we’re searching for Academicus timidus, also known as the Elusive Executive Candidate or E.E.C. You probably call it the Eek.